An analysis of the Monroe St Carryout Shooting

On Wednesday December 6th 2017 two Toledo Police Detectives (Norman Cairl & Duane Poole)  from the “Special Intelligence Group” were involved in a shootout between three suspects (Richard Morris, Jayvon Wynne, and Phillip Overton).  While Toledo Police Cheif Geroge Kral was more than happy to hold a news conference gloating about how well he thought the officers involved handled the situation, I beg to differ. The three suspects were well known to the detectives, in fact the detectives were performing a surveillance operation on the suspects during the time of the  arrest.  The suspects were known to be dangerous and were suspected of having been involved with several shootings around the city.  So my question is, if the detectives knew that these guys were dangerous and that they were likely armed and they had been watching them for sometime, why did they chose a busy gas station near a busy intersection at 7:30 PM to take them down? Couldn’t they have chosen a spot that wasn’t so crowded and at a time where there wasn’t going to be people out and about?  To me this sounds irresponsible and and suggests that the TPD is more concerned about making high profile arrests than they are about protecting the public at large. You don’t have to be a police officer to know that starting shootouts in crowded places is a bad idea.

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