Toledo police have forgotten who they work for

During a news conference on Thursday December 7th 2017 to discuss a shootout between two Toledo Police detectives from TPD’s Special Intelligence Group and three suspects, Toledo Police Chief George Kral said:

“Don’t bring guns on my street, Don’t shoot firearms in my city, don’t shoot citizens that I have sworn to protect, and certainly do no shot at any of my officers”

While I can appreciate the chiefs machismo, I find it quite telling that he thinks that the streets of Toledo and the city as a whole belong to him. This speaks to a larger problem where law enforcement officers seem to think that they are the rule makers, and that they “own” the areas where they work.  Chief Kral seems to have forgotten that the only reason why he has the title of Chief is because the citizens of Toledo allow him to be in that position.  He doesn’t own the streets, nor does the Toledo Police department. The streets of Toledo are owned by the citizens of Toledo no exceptions.  I also find the last line of this statement rather interesting “and certainly do not shot at any of my officers”, as if to emphasize that shooting at a police officer is somehow worse than shooting at innocent citizen.  This statement yet again illustrates Chief Kral’s beliefs that law enforcement officers are a special class who not only own the streets, but are  also valued above ordinary citizens.



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