Review: Original Sub Shop & Deli

The Original Sub Shop (402 Broadway St, Toledo, OH 43604) claims to be the first and oldest sub shop in Toledo.  It was founded in 1979 By Jackie and Sarkis David and was purchased by the current owner in 2015.  While I really wanted to like this place there a few issues that prevent me from going back.  The building is old and poorly insulated, during the winter it is uncomfortably cold inside.  The tables and chairs look to be about as old as the building and they aren’t very accommodating for large groups or lunch meetings. The other issue is that they are just too slow for the lunch time crowd. While I understand that running a small business can be challenging and they often can’t afford to have a large staff, but when there is only two people running the place during the lunch time rush the wait is just too long. They also have a habit of prioritizing phone in orders over walk-ins, so you may end up waiting in a line, and then have to wait even longer for them to take orders over the phone.  The other issue is that the food just isn’t that great. While it is good, and it’s better than most chain sub shops it’s nothing spectacular and it doesn’t warrant the long wait times.  I would argue that Quiznos makes better subs, and their wait time is much shorter.

My review (on a 5 star scale):

  • Service: 3 stars
  • Quality: 3 stars
  • Dining experience: 2 stars
  • Speed: 2 stars


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