Toledo Police and City Administration Are Wrong on Red Light Cameras

The Toledo Police department in conjunction with the City of Toledo are going against the will of the people by continuing to use the 27 red light cameras dotted around the city. It’s quite clear that the citizens of Toledo don’t want them, not to mention the Ohio State legislature.  How can the citizenry support the police and city government if their actions directly contradict the will of the people that they are supposed to represent?  There is no proof that red light cameras prevent accidents or reduce injuries. Red light cameras only serve as another tax on the already over taxed citizens of this great city.  One point that is never mentioned in the statistics about how much money these cameras bring in, is the money lost from people who now avoid Toledo so that they don’t have to deal with these cameras. Personally, I avoid Toledo as much as I can, I have no desire to spend my money in a city that clearly doesn’t respect the will or rights of the citizens that they represent.  If the TPD and City of Toledo want my support they need to start listening to the citizens and stop acting like a rouge authoritarian state.

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